Booking a massage at home is simply convenient.

by many clients

Massage At Home was created to facilitate your life. Benefit from the stress reduction effect of a massage without the interruption of traveling to a clinic or spa. Stay where you are most comfortable; in your beautiful home. 

We are dedicated in the happiness of our clients. Some are becoming even our family after many years of loyalty. We built a good reputation by giving excellent massage services. 99 percent of our clients are satisfied and book again. 

Judith is the main licensed massage therapist in the team and work with the help of two male co-workers. Judith has 16 years of experience in Swedish massage. She is intuitive, analytical and holds her heart in her hands. She is one of a kind. Her touch is magic and very well balanced.


Our team travel everywhere in Ottawa at no extra fees. We will be happy to provide in your family home, condominium or high rise building. 


Nepean/South Keys






Judith Licensed Massage Therapist
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