Massage At Home was created to facilitate your life. Benefit from the stress reduction effect of a massage without the interruption of traveling to a clinic or spa. Stay where you are most comfortable; in your beautiful home. 


Want to just relax and de-stress? Need pain relief? Need a specific knot to go away? We are here for you. All our therapists are offering relaxation and deep tissue massage.

12 Reasons to Book with Massage At Home?

  1. Strong team of licensed MT. 
  2. Travel everywhere in Ottawa
  3. Accept last minutes appointments.
  4. Insurance receipt available. 
  5.  Clients can book till 8:30-9PM. 
  6. Open on holidays.
  7. No cancellation fees.
  8. No travel fees (travel fees only apply if the therapist will need to travel more then 35min.
  9. Competitive rates.
  10. Caring, helpful, professional and reliable.
  11. No need to drive anywhere.
  12. Easy to book. Just text Judith, 613-808-9155.


Massage At Home provide to homes, condos & hotels

Massage At Home is traveling everywhere in Ottawa from Kanata to Embrun. We provide to private residences like homes, condominium, apartment buildings. As well we visit couples in high class hotels. If you are a bit outside of our zone of service contact us. 


99% of Our Clients are Happy.

massage at home reviews, home massage, mobile massageJudith is excellent. Her technique is really spot on and rates are in line with regular massage where you have to go to the salon. – Nana Henriques

I have back issues due to a car accident a few years back and have had more therapists than I can count. I was blown away by the level of service I received, the professionalism and not to mention the massage itself. She even let my dog stay out! 100% best massage! – Angie Marie

It was so convenient to have a much needed massage in the comfort of my own home. Judith was excellent and was able to relieve the pain in my neck with a 45 min massage session. I am very impressed and I will use her services again in the future. – Katie Whately

Yep it was the best massage, specially at home, when done you just go up in your bed and keep relaxing. Michael gave me the massage and wow he as special technique that he’s done and again WOW, will definitely book again. – Constance Tessier

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