A little team of professionals are traveling with their massage table. We are all registered with a massage insurance. We are all qualified to give you a relaxation, deep tissue or therapeutic massage. We all have more than 8 years of experiences. 

Judith is the main therapist in the team, but when she is out of town or too busy she will send you someone else.



Specialized in Swedish massage and pain relief. If you are a new mom, athlete or just a person who is stressed out she can help you. Judith is practicing the art of massage since 2005. She studied at the “Academy of Massage and Orthotherapy” where she learned Swedish Massage. She gained her experience mostly in osteopathy and orthotherapy clinics. Plus she got trained for a few physiotherapy techniques in a job position in 2008. Swedish massage is versatile in movements, pressure and rhythm. Judith’s heart is in her hands. She is an empath always concern about the well-being of her clients. Her best assets as a practitionner of the bodywork is her amazing intuition, dedication to her client goals and her analytical mind.

Swedish relaxation | therapeutic | deep tissue | Reiki

What people say often:

  •  you have different techniques
  •  it is true, you do have a good touch
  • you put good amount of pressure
  • this was my best massage ever
  • thank you for your great advice
  • thank you, thank you, thank you
  • i would like to book again
  • do you have business cards?



She gained over 1400 hours in total. She studied Traditional Medicine and Pressure Points Therapy in 2009 in Vietnam, and continued her study in 2016 in Massage Therapy. Traditional medicine involves a whole range of physical therapy. She can use her professional knowledge and experience to make your pain go away in one session. Her compassion and optimism are the leaders of her capacity to heal.

relaxation | deep Tissue | therapeutic | acupressure | lymphatic



He is a specialist in Lomi Lomi massage, which is a combination of Swedish and California massage. Michael has more then 14 years of experience in bodywork. He is passionate about massage, very energized and friendly. Michael completed his massage training at Kine Concept, a very well reputative massage school.

relaxation | Lomi Lomi | deep tissue | prenatal



Male Certified Massage Therapist who studied Manipulative Therapy at ”Chinese Manipulative Therapist Acupuncture Institute” in Hong Kong. Then he studied Tuina Massage before immigration to Ottawa in 2007. Precise in his techniques, kind and caring.

deep tissue | therapeutic | acupressure | tuina 


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