Specialized in therapeutic Swedish massage.  Judith is practicing the art of massage since 2005. She studied at the “Academy of Massage and Orthotherapy”. Her experiences comes mostly in osteopathy and orthotherapy clinics. Swedish massage is very versatile in movements, pressure and rhythm. Her best assets as a therapist is her analytical mind to find the issue/habit to correct. She also use her intuition to heal. Her touch will be in tune with your body. 

Swedish therapeutic/ focus work / stretching  movements / energy healing


Male Certified Massage Therapist who studied Manipulative Therapyat ”Chinese Manipulative Therapist Acupuncture Institute” in Hong Kong. Afterwards he studied Tuina Massage before immigration to Ottawa in 2007. Precise in his techniques and extremely polite. 

deep tissue / therapeutic / acupressure 


Yoga instructor full time. Body practitioner on call. Studied sports psychology. Very friendly, professional and true care giver. In good match for elders or people looking for a softer touch.

Relaxation / therapeutic / full body massage 

COURTNEY (description pending)


A great asset in our team since he is often available last minutes. Excellent for emergencies. He studied in fitness and nutrition. Works in construction during the day. Very high knowledge about the function of the muscles. Will give you great advice.

deep tissue / sports massage / stretching movements

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